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Copyright Notice

All images posted by me on this website are protect by Copyright Protection. Under International Copyright Law, all images in my gallery may at the current time be freely viewed or downloaded on to your personal computer to be used as desktop wallpaper or printed out for your personal use only, and for no other purpose. No images in my gallery may be distributed for any commercial or non-profit use under any circumstances, and may not be posted on any personal or private web-sites, whether for commercail or non-profit use. They may not be distributed on any archival media such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, ZIP, FLOPPY, and other similar formats, and neither should they be distributed on any type of compressed achive formats such as zip,ace, or rar files, unless it is for the individuals personal use only. If it is your wish to send any of my images to friends or family via email, I would suggest that you send them the link to my site, ( ) rather than sending the images as an email attachment.

Any images downloaded from my gallery may not under any circumstances be altered form their original state and they, or any elements from them, should never be used in any other personal work, unless that work is for purely personal use, and is never transferred to any other computer other than the one on which it was created, or unless express written permission has been obtained by the owner/artist. It is also a strict condition that any images downloaded from my gallery must always display the URL watermark '' wherever it is placed by the artist/owner on the image, and that this must never under any circumnstances be deleted, cropped or removed in any other way from the image.

Any individual who wishes to use any of my images for any purpose other than those already stated in this notice may send me an email to [email protected], and I will be happy to consider your request. I do, however, state that any request send must be considered denied until I personally have notified you otherwise.

Lastly I would kindly ask any visitor to my website, to drop me an email to the above address if they should happen to see any of my work used in any way, or by anyone, either fully or in part, outwith the conditions stated above.

I thank you for visiting this website and wish you continued enjoyment of its content.