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Rik's World of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Artwork

Welcome to my World - My name is Rik Johnston, and over time I will be posting my collection of original Science Fiction and Fantasy Digitally Rendered Artwork. My work will cover a wide variety of subject matter - all encompassing the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genre, so hopefully there will be something in the mix which will appeal to everyone.

I realise that there are many digital artistsÂ’ sites out there in internet-land, most of which are more established than my site. They already have galleries stuffed full of more images than you could shake a stick at, but I am of the opinion than there can never be too many good producers of digital artwork, or too many quality images to choose from. With that in mind I can only say that I have loads of fresh ideas, and a passion for the subject, so with a little imagination and some good hard work, I hope that I can bring something new to the table, as it were.

My thanks to any who have taken the time to hit this site, and read this short message.

Latest Addition

New Image 'My Work Here Is Done...' added to the Gallery.

5 image formats available including 1440 x 900 (W/S) & 1920 x 1200 (W/S).

'My Work Here Is Done...'

Latest News

A new Image is now available in the Gallery.

As ever, any one wishing to pass comment on this or any other image on this site, please feel free to place an entry in my guestbook.

Thanks again for your patience.

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